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Welcome to Secure Screenings, an integrated web portal designed for TPA’s, Employers, Drug Testing Providers, Human Resource Professionals, and Background Check Providers which provides scheduling solutions for the 21st century.
If you are a TPA or Screening Provider looking to expand your business or an employer that wishes to add additional testing services by using a convenient process which includes, a simple process to locate a testing center, schedule a test, SAMHSA laboratory analysis, MRO verification, same portal for all results and a single invoice for all test performed. Secure Screenings is the answer for all your needs.
A single access portal to schedule all your screening needs including drug testing, alcohol testing, hair testing, physicals, occupational health testing, and background checks. No more having to schedule 1 type of test through one scheduling platform and then switching to another. Secure Screenings provides unlimited convenience with one access point.


  • Software Integrations with all Major Labs
  • Bundled pricing (one invoice for lab, MRO and Collection)
  • Web based software, no software needed to install
  • Secure online portal access
  • Electronic CCF ordering for DOT/NON DOT Testing
  • Single source for contact for setting up lab/MRO accounts
  • Increased efficiency/all test & results available in one system
  • Web based portal branded with your company logo
  • Extensive network of electronically enabled sites
  • Automated email notifications
  • Scanned electronic CCF’s attached to all records
  • Automated results reporting via fax, email and web portal
  • Background checks combined w/additional testing services
  • Easy and understandable scheduling process


Secure Screenings has integrated into one software platform, the ability to schedule a drug test, alcohol test, physical, occupational health test and background check into one simple process.

When your client profile is established, you will provide the types of tests or screenings that you wish to schedule in your account. Once your profile and account is active, you will access the portal using your login credential and password. The scheduling system will identify testing centers in the zip code you enter, you will then provide the relevant information needed and a registration/donor pass will be emailed to you or the person taking the test. Services such as background checks will utilize the same process to place an order.

All tests, screenings, and background check results will be reported into one single reporting portal eliminating the need to search for or receive multiple results.