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DOT Drug Testing Collector Training l Nationally Accredited

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Drug Test/Screening Collector Training & Certification


Collection Sites, Medical Facilities, DER's, HR Managers, Safety Managers, Court Personnel, Probation Officers, TPA's

Secure Screenings provides a comprehensive online/web-based Urine Drug Testing Collector Training and Certification course for persons required as part of their responsibilities to perform or supervise urine drug testing specimen collections. The collector training program may be completed with or without the required mock collection proficiency assessments. Upon completion of the training program, students will receive a certificate of successful completion of the training course. To be qualified/certified as a DOT urine drug test collector, you must satisfactorily complete both the training course and a minimum of 5 error free proficiency mock demonstrations.

The Drug Test Collector plays a critical role in the workplace drug screening process. Along with the employer, the testing facility and the Medical Review Officer (MRO), the collector is an essential part of a system developed to ensure drug-free workplaces for the sake of public safety.

As the collector, you are the only individual in the drug-testing process who has direct, face-to-face contact with the employee. You ensure the integrity of the urine specimen and collection process and begin the chain of custody that includes the laboratory; the MRO; the employer; and, possibly, the courts.

This training is a professional-level course that provides the knowledge and skills to qualify Drug Test Collectors to perform U.S. Department of Transportation-regulated drug tests and non-regulated tests. Course participants also have the option of becoming professionally certified after completion of this course. This designation confirms that the collector is committed to the highest standards in the drug and alcohol testing industry.

The Course

This professional-level course meets the regulatory standards of U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) rule 49 CFR Part 40 and provides a solid foundation for a wide range of testing programs.

  • Library of terms & resources
  • Universal skills set
  • Multiple industries
  • Lessons
  • DOT Qualification
  • Public sector
  • Short quizzes & final examination
  • Professional Certification
  • Private sector
  • Mock collections
  • Regulated by local, state and federal authorities
  • Signature

How to become a DOT Qualified Urine Collector?

To become qualified as a collector, you must be knowledgeable about Part 40 regulations, the current DOT Urine Specimen Collection Procedures Guidelines, and DOT agency regulations applicable to the employers for whom you will perform collections, and you must keep current on any changes to these materials. You must also (1) successfully complete a qualification training program and (2) pass a monitored proficiency demonstration, as required by DOT regulations [See 49 CFR Part 40.33 (b-c), effective August 1, 2001]. Please note: there is no grandfather clause or waiver from this requirement. A collector's qualifications are not location/collection site specific, and their eligibility will follow them anywhere DOT Agency regulated urine specimens are collected. There is no requirement for qualified collectors to register or to be on any federally-maintained or federally-sponsored list, but they are required to maintain (for Federal inspection) documentation of successful completion of their training and proficiency demonstration requirements.

How to Take the Course

The Drug Test Collector Training involves multiple parts that need to be completed in a specific order to achieve certification.

  1. Before starting the training, the collector must:
  2. Take the course Pre-Test to show familiarity with the subject matter based on a review of the materials provided.
  3. Complete the lessons of the training along with the required short quizzes.
  4. Take the final exam. A score of at least 90 percent is required.
  5. When you pass the online portion of this training, continue to the Next Steps lesson for instructions on how to set up five mock collections with a live examiner. These must be scheduled within 30 days of course completion and are required for qualification and certification.
  6. Once the mock collections are completed without error, you will be qualified and can perform both federally regulated and non-regulated drug test collections.
  7. To be certified, qualified collectors are asked to sign an agreement promising to adhere to the standards set in the training. The course administrator will then issue a certification form documenting that the collector is both a USDOT Qualified and Professionally Certified Drug Testing Collector. Contact the course administrator for more information.

** Secure Screening's Urine Specimen Collector training course is developed in conjunction with the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association.

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